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2020-04-03 12:14

Proposed law will ban alcohol retail sales in Singapore from 10: 30pm. Foreign workers hanging out in Little India, Singapore Yahoo File Photo. A new Bill introduced in Singapore's Parliament on Monday plans to ban public consumption and retail sale of alcoholic drinks from 10: 30pm to 7am islandwide.New alcohol laws in Singapore: Ban on drinking in public places your guide. All you need to know about the restrictions around boozing outdoors and in common areas, which kicked in on April 1 2015 Come on then, hands up if you didnt take any notice to the recent news about changes in law around outdoor drinking in Singapore. ban on alcohol in singapore

After a blanket drinking ban was imposed on 1st April, which effectively banned the sale and drinking of alcohol in all public places after 10. 30PM, statistics show

Singapore has lifted a ban on the sale of food products containing alcohol, allowing shops to sell alcoholic products such as rumflavoured ice cream. Guidelines for drinkdriving offences. CJ handed down the new guidelines in the High Court on 1 October 2013, ie punishment for driving with 64ug of alcohol in his blood about 1. 82 times the legal limit to a 21month ban and 2, 500 fine. In Singapore, drinkdriving is governed by the Road Traffic Act, of which s. 67 sets out the offence.ban on alcohol in singapore Singapore has imposed a ban on consumption and sale of alcohol in Little India locality here over this weekend following last Sundays riot. Singapore: Singapore has imposed a ban on consumption and sale of alcohol in Little India locality here over this weekend following last Sundays riot by some

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Singapore Banning Alcohol Consumption In Public Areas To Avoid Drunken Disorder. The report says that punishments for selling or consuming alcohol in these spaces result in a fine as much as 1, 000 Singaporean dollars (735 U. S. dollars). Repeat offenders face a fine of 2, 000 Singaporean dollars (1, 469 U. S. dollars) or in some cases up to three months in jail. ban on alcohol in singapore Singapore, Singapore On the 30th January 2015, The Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Bill was passed after a threehour session in the Singapore Parliament. Under the law, it is illegal to drink alcohol in public spaces from 10. 30pm to 7. 30am, with other fullday inclusions for public holidays. Some controversial laws are so draconian that they are rarely enforced. Homosexuality is officially still illegal in Singapore. Being spotted nude in your own home counts as indecency, then again, there is a similar law in Virginia. Technically, by local law, arriving in Singapore with drugs in your blood counts The ban also applies from 7pm on the eve of a public holiday to 7am after the holiday. Shops within the zones are also not allowed to sell takeaway alcohol from 7pm on weekends, the eve of a Singapore is mulling a ban on alcohol consumption in public places in the face of fierce public opposition, The Straits Times reported this week.

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