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2020-04-03 11:06

May 13, 2015 2 Best Credit Cards For Dining In Singapore. A cashback credit card lets you cut your dining budget by giving you rebates on your restaurant spending, so you can do a lot more dining for your dollars. To come up with the best credit cards for dining, we at GET. com compared dining rewards, benefits and fees to find the most rewarding offers for Singaporeans!HSBC 1for1, One Dines Free for buffet and other Dining Deals for Cardmembers. HSBC Cardmembers enjoy 1for1 buffet deals at various popular restaurants in Singapore 2018. credit card dining offers singapore

To help you find the best dining credit card in Singapore, we have prepared a chart below organizing dining credit cards by their 2year dollar value. We have estimated an average Singaporean's monthly expenditure patterns through research to model out likely savings from credit cards, assuming an average person spends S2, 000 every month.

American Express Selects offers up to 50 discount at a wide selection of restaurants in Singapore and around the world. Apply for any Card from the American Express Platinum Series to enjoy the above privileges Please visit each membership official page for the latest promotion details. in Credit Card Deals, Dining 1for1 Dining Deals and Buffet Promos in Singapore 2019 One for One Dining Deals in Singapore 2019. by Florence Tamcredit card dining offers singapore Home Credit Cards. Latest Credit Card Promotions in Singapore 2019. 08 February 2019 Looking for the latest credit card promotions and exclusive offers offered in Singapore? Here is the right place to get to know the promotional deals and discounts when you use their card

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Savour a wide array of sumptuous food and drinks. From steak, seafood and desserts, to buffets and wine pairing events, take your pick and look forward to tantalising experiences with your HSBC credit card credit card dining offers singapore Best Credit Cards for Promotions and Bonuses at OCBC. OCBC offers a variety of great credit cards for travellers, familyspenders, young adults and frequent shoppers. Almost anyone can find a card with OCBC that can boost their rewardsearning potential. Flexible Redemption& Boosted Miles for Local Dining: OCBC Voyage Card Restaurant offers for Citibank Debit and Credit cardholders. Vegetarian, fast food and seafood. Best deals at selected restaurants

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