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Graduates work in a variety of fields including careers counselling, education, child and family services, child protection services, child psychology, health policy, counselling, family counselling, health services management, and rehabilitation counselling.Counselling in Singapore: Common issues expats face. Life can be stressful, we get that. Whether its adjusting to a new culture, maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse or getting your kids through their emotional teenage years (while still working a 9 to 5! ), you (or someone you know) may have reached breaking point counselling work singapore

A very warm welcome to you! The Singapore Counselling Centre (SCC) is the professional counselling arm of the Academy of Certified Counsellors. SCC provides counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services for those experiencing personal, relationship, and work related difficulties.

Counsellor Education. SAC Course Recognition Board conducts periodical review on postgraduate counselling programmes delivered in Singapore that prepares one to become a professional counsellor. Each of these programmes must offer a minimum of 100 Counselling Services. WINGS Counselling Centre The centre provides counselling support for childrenand youthrelated issues, within the context of the family system. The centre customises its counselling and therapy services towards individuals, couples and families, based on their ages and developmental stages.counselling work singapore What is Marriage Counselling? Marriage counselling, also known as couples counselling, is a shortterm focused treatment (1 12 sessions) with a professional counsellor. The purpose of marriage counselling is to focus on understanding issues and effectively resolving the

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Counselling can improve your overall sense of wellbeing and improve your quality of life. With our counsellor, you can talk about and work through your personal problems. Our counsellor will help you address your problems by working with you to clarify issues, explore options, develop coping strategies and increase selfawareness. counselling work singapore Does Marriage Counselling Work? And How to Find a Marriage Counsellor? Marriage remains a fundamental aspect of life in Singapore. Married couples naturally experience conflict for many reasons, and spouses should not wait until their marriage is on the verge of breakdown before seeking help from a marriage counsellor. Alliance Counselling Singapore. Alliance Counselling is a professional team of internationally trained and multilingual counsellors and therapists based at Cluny Court in Singapore. We are working with men, women, couples, children, teenagers and families Search Masters Programs in Counseling in Singapore 2018. Pursuing an education in counseling can prepare students for a variety of careers in the fields of academia, mental health and more. Examples of typical classes include personality assessment, social and cultural bases of behavior, ethics and professional standards, crisis intervention, psychopathology, family therapy and cognitive behavior. Work Central Offices Pte Ltd 190 Clemenceau Avenue# 0601 Singapore 65.

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