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The SingStat Table Builder contains statistical data series from 60 public sector agencies providing a comprehensive statistical view of Singapores economic and sociodemographic characteristics. Users may build customised data tables and export these in different file formats. APIs are also available for ease of data retrieval.Home Earth Continents Asia Singapore Country Profile Statistics Singapore: : Singapore in Figures: Summary statistics; Economic indicators; Gross domestic product (million current US) 2000: : GDP: Growth rate at constant 1990 prices (annual ) Singapore Department of Statistics National Statistical Office of Singapore. singapore gdp department of statistics

Singapore GDP. The Singapore Department of Statistics publishes GDP figures on a quarterly basis (GDP News). The table below shows the change of priceadjusted GDP for Singapore, typically referred to as Singapores economic growth rate. A more complete assessment of Singapores GDP

Main Sources. StatLink is a subscriptionbased online service that allows customers to obtain the latest figures on Singapore's bilateral trade or generate reports based on their specific research requirements. Singapore Trade Statistics are released on the 17th of every month. The Singapore Department of Statistics compiles GDP estimates by the output, expenditure and income approaches. Two public releases of GDP estimates are made for each reference quarter. The System of National Accounts (SNA) is used as the overall conceptual framework. Singapore has adopted the major recommendations of the 2008 SNA.singapore gdp department of statistics Download SingStat Mobile App for fast, free and easy access to Singapore official statistics and key ASEAN statistics! Download from the SingStat Table Builder over 27, 000 data series for free from 60 public sector agencies.

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Standards. Learn more about the statistical standards, classifications, concepts and methods adopted by Singapore Department of Statistics, as well as other international classifications. singapore gdp department of statistics Singapore GDP per Capita. 1960 2017 Yearly USD Department of Statistics. Singapore's GDP Per Capita reached 57, 722. 00 USD in Dec 2017, compared with 55, 243. 00 USD in Dec 2016. Singapore GDP Per Capita data is updated yearly, available from Dec 1960 to Economic statistics of Singapore Jump to navigation Jump to search. This Economy Statistics Since Year 1965 To Year 2014 GDP (Billion) GDP Per Capita GNI (Billion) GNI Per Capita Total Trade (Billion) Total Imports (Billion) Total Exports (Billion) Foreign Reserves The Department of Statistics provides Nominal Gross Capital Formation in local currency. The Ministry of Trade and Industry provides Nominal GDP in local currency. In the latest reports, Singapore's GDP expanded 2. 6 YoY in Sep 2018. Singapore's Nominal GDP reached 86. 9 USD bn in Jun 2018. Singapore Important statistics. Singapore: Gross domestic product (GDP) in current prices from 2012 to 2022 (in billion U. S. dollars)

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